• Jack Williams

    The magnetic plunger's exponential magnetism is a competitive advantage, minimizing the impact of minor release errors on scores. Unlike traditional spring plungers, the magnetic system's inherent resilience ensures a forgiving mechanism, promoting enhanced consistency for archers in competitions. This allows them to focus on technique and strategy without being overly concerned about minor variations affecting overall performance.

    2021 world cup Champion

  • Casey Kaufhold

    Choosing The AIR for my archery journey is more than a preference; it's a commitment to precision. The adaptability in any light condition and the customizable brightness options make every shot a masterpiece.

    Multi Lancaster Classic wins

    and world cup individual wins

  • Pierre Plihon

    As the creator of The AIR sight and an avid user of the MP2 plunger, I've crafted tools that I trust in my own archery pursuits. The AIR delivers unparalleled brightness, adapting to my every lighting need, while the MP2 ensures a level of precision and consistency that meets the standards of even the most discerning archers. These innovations are not just products; they are a reflection of my passion for pushing the boundaries of excellence in archery equipment.

  • Eleanor Rodriguez

    As the Head of Media at Wifler Industries, my journey with the MP2 has been nothing short of transformative. Capturing the essence of precision and innovation, the MP2 has become an indispensable tool in my archery experience. Its dynamic nonlinear response and industrial-grade coatings resonate with the commitment to excellence that defines Wifler Industries. It's not just a plunger; it's a testament to the quality we strive for in every aspect of our craft.

  • Ana Paula

    I find the magnetic plunger maintains unwavering consistency regardless of weather conditions. Its dependable response to magnetic forces ensures a predictable performance, delivering uniformity in diverse weather scenarios. This unique attribute makes it a reliable constant in an archer's toolkit, providing consistent results and enhanced shot-to-shot repeatability in any environment.

  • Ernesto Boardman

    Tuning with the MP1 Plunger feels like unlocking a personalized journey in archery. Its user-friendly design has a special touch, making adjustments a seamless and intuitive process. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, the MP1's easy-to-tune feature transforms the archery experience into something uniquely yours. It's not just a plunger; it's an invitation to explore and fine-tune your shots with confidence and ease, adding a personal touch to every arrow released.

  • Natalia Majnarrez

    String Armor and the MP2 Plunger are more than archery tools for me; they're the guardians of precision and consistency. With String Armor, my strings endure every condition, while the MP2 elevates my shots to a level of accuracy that feels uniquely personal. Together, they're not just equipment; they're my trusted companions in every arrow's journey.

  • Mariana Lozada

    The MP2 Plunger isn't just a component of my archery setup; it's the heartbeat of precision in every shot. Its dynamic nonlinear response has transformed my shooting experience, offering a level of consistency and accuracy that resonates with my passion for perfection. The MP2 is not just a plunger; it's the essence of my commitment to pushing the boundaries of precision in archery.

  • Nicolas Bugge

    A magnetic plunger will always react the same no matter the conditions, which means more consistency across different weather”
    “Since i started using the MP-2 I noticed a great increase in consistency and improvement in the shape and size of my groups”

  • Natalie Howell

    Making the switch to the MP2 has been a game-changer for my shooting. The dynamic nonlinear response and precision adjustments have significantly enhanced my accuracy and consistency. The MP2 isn't just a plunger; it's the key to unlocking a new level of performance in every arrow I release.

  • Erika Jangnas

    Embracing The AIR in my archery journey has illuminated my shots with unparalleled clarity. Its adaptive design, allowing me to customize brightness in any lighting, has transformed how I approach each release. The AIR isn't just a sight; it's a beacon of precision, guiding my arrows with brilliance in every shot.

  • Matt Nofel

    When I first got the MPONE I was a little skeptical about all the technology but after using it for a few months. I have no question that the Wifler Industries plunger captured a new and improved product that any high level athlete can relay on.   

  • Jorge Nevarez

    The MP2 Plunger has become my secret weapon on the archery range. Its dynamic nonlinear response feels like having a personal coach, guiding me toward unparalleled accuracy. Every adjustment with its ultra-micro tool-less feature is a symphony of control. With the MP2, my shots aren't just arrows; they're a testament to the precision that this plunger brings to my game.

  • Den Hadjan

    Discovering the MP2 Plunger has been like finding a silent partner in my archery quest. Its sleek design, paired with ultra-micro tool-less adjustments, has revolutionized how I fine-tune my shots. The MP2 is not just a plunger; it's the silent architect behind the scenes, shaping my every arrow's journey with unmatched precision and adaptability."

  • Natasha Homer

    Exploring the MP2 Plunger has been a revelation in my archery journey. Its dynamic nonlinear response adds a layer of finesse to each shot, almost like having a personal guide on the range. The ultra-micro tool-less adjustments feel like orchestrating a perfect tune, granting me unparalleled control. With the MP2, my arrows transcend mere projectiles; they become a canvas for the precision and mastery this plunger instills in every release.

  • Thea Rogers

    The MP2 has seamlessly become an essential part of my archery gear. Its dynamic nonlinear response and ultra-micro tool-less adjustments have elevated my shooting experience to new heights. It's not just a plunger; it's a fundamental element that brings precision and control to every arrow release. In the symphony of my archery gear, the MP2 plays a vital note, ensuring each shot is a harmonious blend of technology and skill.

  • Abigail Kippes

    As a long-time user of the MP2, its presence in my archery journey has been nothing short of transformative. The dynamic nonlinear response and ultra-micro tool-less adjustments have been consistent companions, shaping the way I approach each shot. The MP2 isn't just a plunger; it's a testament to enduring performance and the evolution of my archery skills over time. Through countless releases, it has stood the test of time, becoming an integral part of my archery.

  • Tom Hall

    Shooting the MP2, crafted by Wifler Industries, is my signature in the archery realm. Tom Hall here, and the MP2 isn't just a plunger; it's my chosen instrument for precision and control. With its dynamic nonlinear response and ultra-micro tool-less adjustments, the MP2 aligns with my pursuit of perfection in every shot. It's not just about shooting arrows; it's about shooting with a piece of archery innovation signed by Tom Hall and powered by Wifler Industries.

  • Pierce McAdam

    Personally, I'm captivated by the sheer coolness of the technology behind the MP2. Its dynamic nonlinear response and ultra-micro tool-less adjustments add a futuristic flair to my archery sessions. It's not just a plunger; it's a tech marvel that makes every shot an exciting exploration of precision and innovation. The MP2 isn't just a tool; it's a glimpse into the thrilling future of archery technology.

  • Megan the icon

    Oi, it's the MP2, innit? Wifler Industries really smashed it with this one. Dynamic nonlinear response, yeah? And them ultra-micro tool-less adjustments, proper genius. It's more than a plunger, mate. It's me secret weapon for precision and control in every bloomin' shot. The MP2 ain't just archery gear; it's me ticket to a top-notch shootin' experience, straight from London town.

  • Eric Burkett AKA "Trainwreck"

    Trainwreck has been a dedicated and seasoned user of string and arrow armor, consistently relying on the unparalleled protection and durability they provide throughout an extensive period of time in their archery endeavors.