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Bryony Pitman


I think the magnetic plunger is a really great idea. I had awesome results with it throughout the indoor season and it was so east to set up!

Ana Rendon


This plunger is the most forgiving plunger I've shot. Its a very easy way to improve your scores.

Jack Williams


The exponential nature of the magnets makes small release errors not effect score in competition compared to a traditional spring plunger.

Zack Garrot


This plunger is an essential piece of my archery kit. The minimalist design makes it simple to use, and the innovative magnetic mechanism gives unparalleled consistency and forgiveness.

Ernesto Boardman


So far the best plunger I’ve had, really easy to tune and set it up made my bow more forgiving and the sound changed, the best mechanism I’ve used, really innovative

Matthew Nofel


The MP-ONE forgives my bad shots, and makes my good shots even better.

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