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String armor

String armor

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String Armor 2 oz: Elevate your archery game with our cutting-edge string protection technology. Designed for durability and performance, String Armor enhances the lifespan of your bowstring, ensuring optimal tension and accuracy shot after shot. Trust in the ultimate defense for your bow's heartbeat.
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Elevate Your Archery Game with String Armor

Discover the revolution in string protection with String Armor – a game-changer for competitive and hunting archers. Bid farewell to the weight and dirt issues caused by traditional wax. String Armor's patent-pending hydrophobic formula keeps water and dirt at bay, allowing you to focus on your shot, rain or shine.

Effortless String Armor Application

Experience hassle-free string protection with String Armor's straightforward application. Start with a clean, non-waxed string, wipe away old wax, and drip String Armor to coat both string and cables. In just 20 seconds, your string is shielded, ensuring a seamless return to your archery passion. Upgrade to String Armor and redefine your archery experience.