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Air glass

Air glass

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Fiber Color
Experience precision and innovation with The AIR Sight, a cutting-edge recurve scope designed to redefine your archery journey. This advanced sight brings a new level of adaptability to your shooting with customizable brightness settings, ensuring optimal visibility in any lighting condition.
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Illuminate Your Recurve Experience

Step into a new realm of precision with The AIR – the brightest sight you'll ever shoot. Elevate your recurve experience with this innovative scope, now enhanced with glass lenses. The AIR sets a new standard, allowing in more light than ever before. Choose between .19 and .29 fiber sizes for a customizable shooting experience that redefines visibility.

Adaptive Brilliance - The AIR's Versatile Features

The AIR sight isn't just bright; it's adaptable to any lighting condition. Shoot with the cover off for the brightest fiber configuration. With the cover on, let in 50% of the light or flip it over for full shade – your choice. The AIR comes with both green and red options, each accompanied by a matching sun shade for a personalized touch. Illuminate your shots with The AIR – where adaptability meets brilliance in every arrow release.