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Wifler Industries

Arrow Armor

Arrow Armor

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Arrow Armor is not just an arrow lube; it's your arrow's shield against wear and friction. Crafted with precision and innovation, this professional-grade semi-permanent lubricant elevates your archery experience to new heights.
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Unparalleled Arrow Protection

Step into the future of arrow maintenance with Arrow Armor. A revolutionary solution designed for archers who demand the best, Arrow Armor transcends traditional arrow lubes. Bid farewell to the weight and dirt issues associated with wax, as Arrow Armor's patent-pending hydrophobic formula creates a shield against water and dirt. Elevate your archery experience with Arrow Armor - where innovation meets superior arrow protection.

Application with Arrow Armor

Experience the ease of arrow maintenance with Arrow Armor's user-friendly application. Begin with a clean, non-waxed string, wiping away residue for a pristine surface. Drip Arrow Armor generously to coat both string and cables, and within a swift 20 seconds, your arrows are shielded against the elements. With Arrow Armor, focus on perfecting your shot, not on frequent maintenance. Upgrade your archery journey with Arrow Armor - because your arrows deserve the best.