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The MP2 Plunger is a game-changer for archers seeking unparalleled precision and reliability. Engineered with a dynamic nonlinear response, this innovative plunger ensures the most forgiving and consistent performance on the market. With ultra-micro tool-less adjustments and industrial-grade coatings, the MP2 adapts to your shooting style effortlessly. Elevate your archery experience with the MP2 Plunger – where cutting-edge design meets peak performance.

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Precision Redefined

The MP2 Plunger Unleash a new era of precision in archery with the MP2 Plunger. Revolutionizing the shooting experience, this plunger boasts a dynamic nonlinear response, offering unparalleled forgiveness and consistency. Say goodbye to mechanical parts and hello to a cutting-edge design that thrives in various conditions.

Micro Adjustments, Maximum Performance

Precision tuning has never been easier than with the MP2. Featuring ultra-micro tool-less adjustments, this plunger provides 20 micro clicks per rotation, making it the epitome of micro-adjustability. With an extra set screw for personalized finishes and industrial-grade coatings, the MP2 ensures your every shot is a masterpiece of accuracy and control. Elevate your archery game with the MP2 Plunger.

MP2 Plunger, Including the Exclusive Black Hoyt Edition

Discover precision like never before with the MP2 Plunger, meticulously crafted to redefine your archery journey. Its dynamic nonlinear response ensures forgiveness and consistency, transcending conventional plungers. Now, explore the sophistication of the MP2 in the Black Hoyt Edition, a testament to its exclusivity and unparalleled design. Visit the official Hoyt website to witness the MP2 Plunger's excellence in both performance and aesthetic.

Hoyt website

With center shot adjustability licensed from WoooooJack Factory.