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MP-ONE barebow

MP-ONE barebow

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The MP1 Plunger is a testament to precision engineering for archers who demand the utmost accuracy. With its dynamic nonlinear response, this plunger redefines consistency in every shot. The ultra-micro tool-less adjustments and sleek industrial-grade coatings make the MP1 a versatile and reliable choice for archery enthusiasts. Elevate your shooting experience with the MP1 Plunger – where form meets function for unmatched performance.
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Precision for Barebow

Enter the realm of barebow archery perfection with the MP1 Plunger. Crafted specifically for barebow enthusiasts, the MP1 combines precision engineering with a dynamic nonlinear response, setting a new standard for consistency and accuracy. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace the MP1 for a refined, barebow shooting experience.

The MP1 Advantage

Barebow archers, rejoice! The MP1 Plunger is your key to precision tuning without the fuss. Featuring ultra-micro tool-less adjustments, the MP1 offers 20 micro clicks per rotation for effortless customization. With an extra set screw for personalized finishes and industrial-grade coatings, the MP1 Plunger empowers barebow enthusiasts to fine-tune their shots with unparalleled ease. Elevate your barebow experience with the precision and simplicity of the MP1 Plunger.